First Annual
LAST-JD-RIOE Conference

21-22 July, Online

About The Event

About The Event

This event gathers world authorities on different aspects of the Internet of Everything the promote scientific discussion, exchange research ideas and promote business opportunities.




Wednesday and Thursday
21-22 July

Event Speakers

Main speakers

Speaker 1

Louis de Koker

Professor of Law, La Trobe Law School

Speaker 2

Michèle Finck

Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

Speaker 3

Nello Cristianini

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bristol

Speaker 4

Burkhard Schafer

Professor of computational legal theory at University of Edinburgh

Speaker 5

Ana García Robles

Secretary General at BDVA - Big Data Value Association

Speaker 6

Marcello Ienca

Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology - ETH Zürich

Speaker 6

Guido Boella

Director of Computer Science Department of University of Torino

Speaker 6

Giovanni Comandè

Prof. Dr. Avv Esq. at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Speaker 6

Norberto Andrade

Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics at Facebook

Speaker 6

Gabriele Mazzini

DG-CNECT Legal and Policy Officer, co-drafter of the Artificial Intelligence Act proposal

Speaker 6

Silvio Micali

Founder of Algorand and Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT

Speaker 6

Thanasis G. Papaioannou

PI & Lecturer, Dept. of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Speaker 6

Stefan Eder

Benn-Ibler Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Universität Wien

Speaker 6

Monica Palmirani

Organizer Università di Bologna

Speaker 6

Carles Górriz

Organizer Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

Speaker 6

Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel

Organizer Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


PhD Candidates

Daniela Bresic
Exploring the possibility of having a duty to patient data transfer in eHealth from an ethical and legal perspective.
Liuwen Yu
Risk analysis and regulatory compliance of distributed ledger technologies for transaction and management of securities
Aiste Gerybaite
Big Data in health emergencies: balancing the right to health and the right to privacy.
Stephan Varga
Internet of Data: Fundamental Rights in the Context of the IoE and Big Data
Mirko Zichichi
Privacy by Design through Disintermediation
Pier Giorgio Chiara
Security and Privacy of resource constrained devices
Beatriz Esteves
Digital Representation of Consent Forms and Privacy Terms
Orhan Gazi Yalcin
Examination of Current AI Systems within the Scope of Right to Explanation and Designing Explainable AI Systems
Richard Rudolf Rak
Internet of Healthcare: Privacy and Data Protection Aspects in an Internet of Everything
Emanuela Poda
Big data analysis systems in IoE environments for managing privacy and digital identity: pseudonymity, deanonymization and the right to be forgotten
Nadia Pocher
EU Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Regulation in the Internet of Money: investigating crypto-ecosystems between anonymity and transparency
Isadora Neroni
Surveillance risks in IoT applied to Smart Cities
Biagio Distefano
Distributed ledger technologies beyond financial applications: eDemocracy and new forms of Governance
Yannick Vogel
Neo-commodification of persons: the exploitation of personal data and impact on the sharing economy
Jesús Salgado
Impact of Artificial Intelligence in organisation management, autonomy of decisions, accountability, governance and organisational culture.
Karen Vázquez
Concept/Term annotation of privacy and ethics assessments.
Rana Saniei
Privacy Enhancing Semantic Technologies Supporting GDPR Compliance
Jacopo Dirutigliano
Right to Explanation
Andrés Chomczyk
Compliant and understandable privacy policy noticies in the fintech industry
Delaram Golpayegani
Risk of artificial intelligence systems
Maximilian Gartner
Influenceable Autonomy and Predictable Freedom in the IoE
Francesco Vigna
Big Data, Data Analytics and AI Applications in Health Care Context from a Data Protection Law Perspective. Co-Regulation Mechanisms as a Prosed Solution.
Lisha Qiao
Privacy Ontology Reasoning Based on Cross-border Trade Big Data
Jacopo Menghini
Online parody: technical and legal evolution on the Internet
Haleh Asgarinia
Ethical assessment of proposed standard form policies against shifting user expectations
Olimpia Barresi
The impact of Artificial intelligence in Criminal Law: new proposals and perspectives
Leon Rossmaier
Ethics of Personal Data from Online Mobile, Wearable and Social Media Applications
Maria Christofidou
GDPR in research with health data about rare diseases
Jana Misic
Interactions of algorithmic decision-making in the public sector with shared public values and visions of a future digital society
Michał Wieczorek
Ethical aspects of self-tracking technologies
Francesca Gennari
Internet of Things (Law): Legal liability of IoE devices in the smart home

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Cornerstones about Advanced Research in Law, Science and Technology.

Opening Welcome

  • Monica Palmirani, University of Bologna
  • Carles Górriz, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Opening Talk Gabriele Mazzini, DG-CNECT Legal and Policy Officer, co-drafter of the Artificial Intelligence Act proposal (30 minutes).
Introduction to the Artificial Intelligence Act proposal

Session 1 The Internet of Money. Fintech and cryptocurrencies.

Chair and Discussant: Carles Górriz, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

  • Regulatory jurisdiction over Virtual Asset Service Providers Louis de Koker, La Trobe University
  • The Impact of the Data Governance Act on Decentralised Data Ecosystems, Michèle Finck, Max-Planck Institute
  • CBDC and Cryptocurrencies: a changing landscape on payments systems, José Manuel Marques Sevillano, Banco de España
Round table

Session 2. The Internet of Data and Internet of Things. Big Data and Data Society.

Chair and Discussant: Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel, UPM

  • The interface between AI and the social sciences, Nello Cristianini, University of Bristol
  • The law and ethics of Trustworthy AI, Burkhard Schafer, University of Edinburgh
  • Digital transformation enabled by Data and AI , Ana García Robles, BDVA

Session 3. The Internet of Healthcare. Human Rights, Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Chair and Discussant: Monica Palmirani, Università di Bologna

  • The Biological and the Digital: The Ethics of Healthcare in the Digital World, Marcello Ienca, ETH Zürich
  • Bioethics and Ethics of AI, Guido Boella, University of Turin
  • Decentralization for more effective healthcare: Trustworthy data exchange and Trustworthy data handling, Thanasis Papaioannou, Athens University of Economics and Business
Round table

Session 4 The Internet of Persons

Chair and Discussant: Katie Atkinson, University of Liverpool

  • AI and Justice: interdisciplinary approach to the research, Giovanni Comandè, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Università di Pisa
  • AI ethics at IBM, Francesca Rossi
  • Interoperability between blockchains, Silvio Micali, Algorand
  • AI Governance: An Experimental Approach, Norberto Andrade, Facebook, US
Round table

Session 6. Joint activities with other ITN ESRs

Every researcher has exactly seven minutes with 10 slides to present the PhD research objectives divided in the main 5 clusters. Guidelines for the discussion

Session 7. Research Meets Practice

Research Meets Practice and Legal Hackers, Stefan Eder

Session 6 (cont.) Joint activities with other ITN ESRs

Presentation in the plennary room.

Session 8. Conclusions, virtual meeting

Connection details will be provided by email